29,5 hectares of pure finnish nature for sale

Possibilities by the lake in Joroinen, Finland

What is Kotkatharju Moments?

For Sale

31 different types of real estates by the lake and in the middle of fresh finnish nature and in the middle / near by golf course. 

29,5 hectares and over 100 000 sqm of building ground and granted building right for over 16 000 sqm for villas, semi-detached houses, rowhouses, houses and hotel.


In Joroinen/Eastern Finland

City of Helsinki 300 km and 3 hrs drive

Helsinki to Joroinen 1 hr flight

Varkaus Airport 5 mins drive

City of Varkaus 20 km and 15 mins drive

City of Mikkeli 73 km and 50 mins drive

Waterway to Saimaa through Puomilansalmi

Why Kotkatharju Moments?

Kotkatharju Moments is located in Joroinen. Kotkatharju is pure pearl of finnish nature by the lake.

This is the place to enjoy finnish forrest and nature. Swim in the lake, collect berries, hike in the forrest, play some golf, drive jetski or snowmobile, go fishing or cross country skiing. Just enjoy the famous, pure and beautiful finnish nature. A lot of service providers nearby to support your business and investment.

You can reach the area easily by car or public and private plane. Varkaus Airport (only for private planes) is located right next to Kotkatharju Moments. it is 1 hr flight and 3 hrs drive From Helsinki to Varkaus.

City of Joroinen is well aware that Kotkaharju area is very important for its economy and tourisim. This makes things easier for You to develope the area as you like.

Visit also www.kotkatharju.fi and  www.kartanogolf.fi

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Find  and build Your dream!

Invest in Finland! Secured land owning and pure nature!

Kotkatharju Moments will be sold as whole.

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